Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Cute and Easy Halloween Snacks

Halloween doesn’t have to be a scary holiday when it comes to your children’s teeth or sugar intake. Taking a few minutes to prepare some healthy fun foods for school parties or after school snacks can go a long way in making sure children get some nutritious foods throughout the day.

I remember fondly the days of “sugar parties” when I attended school. A carrot stick or cheese string was scarce. By the end of the day I didn’t feel so great (chocolate bars for breakfast, candy, pop and chips for lunch and dinner, it’s no wonder!).

So how can you provide some simple healthy Halloween snacks? Here are a couple of ideas I am sure your kids (and their teachers), will appreciate:

• Prepare some cheese fingers - Cut cheese pieces in the shape of a finger. Indent for finger nails (or use a piece of green or red pepper) and slice in some knuckles.

• Use a ghost, witch or bat cookie cutter to cut out soft bread sandwiches filled with cheese or tuna.

• Make a fruit punch with real fruit juice and sparkling water for a tasty drink.

• Partially freeze chocolate milk or yogurt tubes for an icy snack.
• Make some not too scary Pizza Mummies. Take mini pita pockets or ½ of an English muffin and spread with pizza sauce. Thread pieces of a white cheese (like mozzarella cut in strips) for the mummy wrap and use black olives for the eyes. Broil until the cheese starts to melt.

• Shape pretzel dough (or refrigerator bread sticks) into bones before cooking.

 • Arrange a plate of carrots to look like a pumpkin, top with a piece of broccoli for the stem and place small dishes of dip to make the eyes and nose. Cut up pieces of cucumber to shape a mouth.

Have any other “spooktacular” ideas? Please send them along. 

Happy Halloween!

Debbie is a registered dietitian and nutrition educator with Alberta Milk.  She spends her non work time keeping busy and involved with her two children and husband. She has been described by friends and family as the resident “foodie”.  One of her personal mantras is to enjoy food and food experiences as they contribute so much to our everyday life. Who doesn’t remember those cookie making sessions with one of their parents or grand-parents? Of course to balance this love she also enjoys running or walking in the river valley, skiing and skating.

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